Market Close Livestream 12-1-2016 $APPY, $TLYS

By December 1, 2016Pro Webinars

Good mid day session locates on TLYS and APPY, rewatch that solid session from this afternoon. Oil/gas petered out and market was very weak. If you are looking to put in some homework I recommend today’s Strategy Session versus this very quiet market close. 

12/1/2016 3:15 PM THATS why we try and avoid mid day trading…. $SGY and other oil/gas, “premature” moves during mid day stream.
Nice on TLYS though.. 🙂
12/1/2016 12:41 PM TLYS dip to $13 with risk on $12.75
12/1/2016 3:16 PM I do think Oil/Gas aren’t done, but NOT buying this dip/taking overnight. Revisit tomorrow.
APPY would like a perk to $5.25 to start short with add at $5.50 stop at $5.75 goal would be mid to low $4’s
12/1/2016 3:38 PM Oil/Gas. sticking to my thesis that these arent done yet, so I will not short, though they are all weak.
Hoping for another run tmorrow. 
12/1/2016 3:43 PM CBK potential tomorrow, based off of TLYS
12/1/2016 3:47 PM Screenshot main scans and post to Pro Blog
12/1/2016 3:52 PM SKLN no play for me, but if I HAD to trade it I would short it @ $3 with risk on $3.25
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