Market Close Livestream 11-25-2016 $SKLN, $HTBX

By November 25, 2016Pro Webinars

Slow day for a Black Friday, but we only focused on 3-4 stocks and crushed 2 of them, while the other 2 never showed good entries. Good day considering the slower action.

11/25/2016 8:16 AM SKLN back burner for $4 break with “decent” volume
11/25/2016 12:17 PM OPXA oldie from a week or so ago, 
11/25/2016 12:17 PM HADV thats why I said “ignore”
11/25/2016 12:18 PM VLTC “sneaky”
11/25/2016 12:24 PM SPU too late in the day for me though. 
11/25/2016 12:48 PM EKSO interesting perk, would not be surprised to see a PR next week.
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