Market Close Livestream 11-15-2016 $CANN, $DRYS, $GBR, $OPTT, $SAEX, $SINO, $ESEA

By November 15, 2016Pro Webinars

Low float shippers were hot, we caught them this morning, keep agile and rotate in and out of the hot sector. 

11/15/2016 10:06 AM PTCT weak open red to green played out so far.
11/15/2016 3:01 PM CANN and SAEX slow but working
11/15/2016 3:23 PM Reminder 8PM tonight strategy session
11/15/2016 3:32 PM AQXP squuezer from the past
11/15/2016 3:33 PM SAEX BOT @ $8.50 still holding CANN
11/15/2016 3:37 PM Loudmouthed shorts out in force this afternoon, I’m skeptical whether this low float shipper run is over. NO WAY overnight, but we may have more action into the holiday week.
-remember to “ignore the noise” I’ve noticed deleted tweets from vocal short sellers from this morning.
11/15/2016 3:44 PM Webinar topic – entry plans/analysis
11/15/2016 3:47 PM SAEX would like to keep O/N as long as $9.25 holds and CANN, still have a stop at break even @$4
11/15/2016 3:47 PM LOW float oil list
11/15/2016 3:52 PM OPTT for tomorrow 
11/15/2016 3:59 PM GBR strong nice potential gapper espeically if oil stays hot
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