Market Close Livestream 11-14-2016 $DRYS, $SINO, $EGLE, $OBCI, $PTCT

By November 14, 2016Pro Webinars

I said this morning the focus should be shippers and weed stocks, I foolishly was watching a handful of bio techs. Stick with the hot trend, don’t get distracted like I did today. 

11/14/2016 11:44 AM Took off SINO and EBIO small losses, both non starters.
11/14/2016 12:32 PM Trying CANN weed stocks strong today @ $3.98 stop @ $3.79 goal $4.40-$4.50
11/14/2016 12:58 PM EXEL “ok” weak open red to green. Same setup
11/14/2016 3:12 PM OBCI nice hold and perk into close
11/14/2016 3:12 PM PTCT still nice trend from swing, like the hold of $12.00
11/14/2016 3:50 PM WEED and shippers focus
11/14/2016 3:53 PM EXCEL and PTCT are the ONLY stocks other than weed and shippers i will follow this afternoon.
11/14/2016 3:55 PM HADVm research 
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