Market Close Livestream 1-30-2017 $CALA, $ESES, $LPG, $MAGS, $RGSE

By January 30, 2017Pro Webinars

Live trading of ESES and RGSE good breakdown of LPG. Good list of stocks to watch tomorrow.

1/30/2017 3:17 PM ESES gonna swing this overnight if it holds above VWAP
1/30/2017 3:35 PM Gonna swing RGSE and ESES assuming nothing “nasty” happens into the close.
1/30/2017 3:43 PM LPG interesting locate, “real” shipper HOD, whole dollar/half dollar @ $12.50 potential overnight swing.
1/30/2017 3:47 PM Watch LPG dip $12.25 with risk on high $11’s
1/30/2017 3:50 PM For tomorrow, CALA, ESES,EYEG,LPG,MAGS,RGSE,BCEI
1/30/2017 3:53 PM VWAP Webinar to do.
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