Market Close Livestream 1-20-2017 $APRI, $CRTN, $IDXG, $SGYP

By January 20, 2017Pro Webinars

Good wrapup of the days action, followup on exits of Oracle, the “trade only from Oracle” experiment was WILDLY successful, $1500 in simulated profits. Good general market discussion as well, several good questions from chat. 

1/20/2017 3:23 PM NIce plays on Oracle!! IDXG SGYP
1/20/2017 3:23 PM Slow afternoon, kinda like I predicted.
1/20/2017 3:23 PM Friday’s 52 week HOD scan for potential swings next week.
1/20/2017 3:51 PM APRI TBIO for next week.
1/20/2017 4:05 PM CRTN nice chart, but daily is messy, nice float, no catalyst (yet) 
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