Market Close Livestream 1-18-2017 $APRI, $BPI, $CENX, $CHCI, $UNXL

By January 18, 2017Pro Webinars

Very good session! Lots going on, useful breakdown of BPI and attempted trade on UNXL and NOT chasing entry. Also some discusion of after hours trading and short selling.

1/18/2017 3:06 PM Silly all day hold of REXX but crazy day and it never rolled over.
1/18/2017 3:07 PM How to setup paper trading:
1/18/2017 3:07 PM Full longer webinars on Oracle and Paper Trading coming soon 2 separate. Will record off hours and post publicly and Pro.
1/18/2017 3:17 PM CENX swing idea keeps marching higher.
1/18/2017 3:28 PM Bugs please report to [email protected] you guys have the BEST input.
1/18/2017 3:31 PM CENX making new 52’s still
1/18/2017 3:40 PM VWAP Webinar coming soon.
1/18/2017 3:41 PM GLBS shippers I will reasses.
1/18/2017 3:50 PM NAT is a very GAPPER chart, but shipper, I dont take it.
1/18/2017 3:51 PM BPI Betsy Devos Play?!?!?!?!?! nice chart
1/18/2017 3:53 PM UNXL potential gapper, running out fo time.
1/18/2017 3:56 PM UNXL trying to get $1.61 for gapper with risk on $1.49
1/18/2017 4:00 PM UNXL no fill, reasses tomorrow.
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