Market Close Livestream 1-13-2017 $ARRY, $CENX, $BETR, $SSH, $TBIO, $URRE

By January 13, 2017Pro Webinars

Day before the holiday so we mostly discussed upcoming features in the platform as well as the Pro Program. Also went over todays plays and some general Q and A, AWESOME stuff coming in 2017 and the market is just as amazing!

1/13/2017 1:57 PM ARRY, CENX nice. I will start making more “swing” slower moving lists to watch.
OK. So this is a short list with major things worth mentioning:
– Trading Module With Paper Trading
– Twitter Feed
– Oracle Service
– New Alert System With Single Datastore
– Implemented Ability To Adjust Chart Scale
– Added New Periods To Charts (2, 3, 4, 10 and 20 years)
– Better Storing Of Application State Between Sessions (saving column width, etc)
– New Chart VWAP Study
– Added Parabolic SAR Study To Chart
– General Optimizations And UI Optimizations
– Default Color For Drawing Tools Is Stored Between Tabs
– Added M/B/A Abrivation To Long Fields
– Ability To Remove Red Background From Halted Chart
from devs
1/13/2017 3:24 PM TBIO thats what happens when momentum fails, great short though not my kind of setup in this market.
1/13/2017 3:34 PM WIll start daily swing and the normal DT wathclists next week. 
1/13/2017 3:42 PM BETR need more time to anaylze.
1/13/2017 3:58 PM Shippers in play again, will be a big watch for next week. 
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