Market Close 9-28-2016

By September 29, 2016Pro Webinars

Recap of today’s action, I try and cover all stocks in play, but like this morning, difficult to track all the movers. I also discuss the folly in being an aggressive short at this time in the market.

Trading Notes

Short selling – great strat but much more difficult now, wait for it to come back. Paper trade etc
Review of trades
Setups for tomorrow
Week in review coming Sunday night.
5:26PM $CRBP $7.00
5:38PM $AEGR – read PR – up big after hours, lowish float 15M
5:55PM $CCCL Former runner, up 20% low float 1.7M. Big volume today. $3.50 area of interest
$CCCL look to buy on hold of $3.50ish, wth stop on $3.20-$3.15 Goal at $4.40, take off half if we get there and ride rest for something crazy especially if the float is rotating.

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