Market Close Livestream 10-25-2016 $NMUS, $CRBP, $SAEX

By October 26, 2016Pro Webinars

Felt like a small change in the markets today. Pretty much all momentum failed and the edge was on the short side.

10/25/2016 11:56 AM Add “Market” to scans – look for OTC’s
10/25/2016 11:56 AM NMUS
10/25/2016 3:49 PM CRBP potential short O/N with risk on $8.00
10/25/2016 3:53 PM NMUS CNAB
10/25/2016 3:54 PM Need to dig harder to fill out weed watchlist.
10/25/2016 3:58 PM WEED overnights i”m ok with as long as you have a plan.
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