Market Close 10-10-2016

By October 10, 2016Pro Webinars

Slower day, CRBP decent all day fade and holding overnight short. EKSO nice gapper setup, but needs a catalyst and some volume. Silly miss on delayed spike of SAEX

10:58 AM CRBP Short @ $10, stop at $10.30 goal LODS at EOD
Scaling into short positions. Webinar
3:48 CRBP look to hold small overnight. for < $9.00
3:51 SAEX silly miss. When we found it at 9:45ish, was up decent, low float, former runner. Nice stop area at $8, should have bought in the $8.20’s
3:54 EKSO nice chart, but low volume and no catalyst YET. 
3:56 CANN and all weed stocks
Tuesday 8PM EST – Technically Analysis 101 and Open Q and A
4:06 IPCI watch for spikes to short
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