Live Q and A 9-27-2016

By September 28, 2016Pro Webinars

How to cover $GALT, time of day discussion, $RGSE tons of discussion long and short. $INVT early. Why to ignore buyouts and discussion of 5 letter tickers.

Trading Notes

email me introductions/bio to [email protected]
Book giveaway post – October 1st

Pre market scans
-adjusting float
-adjusting volume

5 Digit Tickers – ignore except Q’s

Time of day how to take into consideration for trade setups

How ETB effects low priced and low float runners

Former runner discussion
Candle stick discussion
When to short morning runners – my method. time of day.

9/27/2016 4:19 PM $GALT – FAIL
9/27/2016 7:42 PM Discuss covers on $GALT
9/27/2016 8:36 PM Live LEvel 2 recording


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