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Independence Day Gratitude: Opportunity, Freedom, & STT Savings

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Written by Tim Bohen

The world just keeps on turning…

Freedom feels especially meaningful for Independence Day 2021, doesn’t it? After more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions, it’s incredible that so many of us will be able to safely socialize and spend time with loved ones this holiday weekend.

We deserve it! 

We’ve definitely had some challenging times in recent memory. But through it all, I’ve remained proud to live in the greatest country in the world.

I’m extremely patriotic. Holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day hold deep meaning for me. 

I don’t want people to get so caught up in reopening mania that they forget the meaning of this important holiday…

More than ever, Independence Day offers us all an opportunity to be thankful for the freedom and liberty we have in the United States. Without both, we might not have the ability to trade!

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Why Independence Day Matters

Those of us who are lucky enough to be residents of the U.S. have an incredible amount of freedom.  

We owe it all to those who came before us.

The country that we currently live in is the result of hard-won freedom. There were battles and plenty of bloodshed. It was all to break free from a restrictive, tyrannical system.

When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible that a relatively small group of regular folks banded together to fight against what at the time was one of the most impressive militaries in the world.

These people believed in their cause and were willing to fight for freedom and a better future.

Because of their sacrifices, we now get to live in a nation where we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We have the right to assemble and a say in our government. 

And we have the freedom to pursue any type of profession. We have a stock market where we can trade freely. You don’t need a degree or special credentials to trade (though I’d highly recommend getting an education). Pretty much all you need is a computer and a brokerage account.

Not too many places in the world give people the same freedom we have in the U.S. I’m very thankful to live here.

Putting Your Freedom to Work

Our forefathers chose to fight for freedom.

Are you making the most of the incredible privilege that has afforded us today?

The fact that you’re learning about trading is a good indication that you’re interested in having a different kind of life than the traditional 9-to-5 job provides.

Or maybe you love your job and you want a side hustle…

Trading can be a way to step into your freedom. I know it was for me. 

In the early 2000s, I ran a business. Yeah, I was one of the bosses, but I had zero freedom. I was on-call 24 hours a day. I worked all the time.

For me, trading offered the possibility of a different lifestyle.

To me, there’s more to life than money. Personally, I want the ability to pursue other interests and to spend time with my family. 

For me, part-time trading and acting as lead trainer for StocksToTrade and the SteadyTrade Team gives me that perfect balance. 

Don’t get me wrong … I still work a ton. But I’m not chained to work anymore. I LOVE what I do. That feels like freedom to me. 

Could trading be part of helping you carve out that perfect balance?

Even with the right tools, learning to trade isn’t fast or easy. But I find that the short-term pain is worth the long-term gain…

Be Thankful For Your Freedom This Independence Day

I hope you’ll enjoy the newfound freedom of reopening and enjoy time with family and friends this Independence Day.

But I also hope you’ll take stock of your freedom and give some thought to how you can put it to good use. 

You may not be able to trade this holiday weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in your future as a trader. 

Check out my Pre-Market Prep session archives. Watch my YouTube videos. Catch up on the blog. Keep working to improve a little every day. 

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How will you put your freedom to good use this Independence Day? Leave a comment below … I love hearing what you have to say!


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