Finally, trading software with a pre-programmed winning strategy

Software Powerful Enough For A Hedge-fund, Built For The Average Joe

Powerful tools that are clear and concise

StocksToTrade’s platform is one of the first platforms that gives the user a clear platform to trade from

This trading platform helped me find one of my biggest trades ever, EKSO for a profit of $70,000

Tim Sykes

Millionaire Penny Stock Trader

StocksToTrade is the most innovative and rapidly evolving stock research platform I have used in my 10+ years of trading. The minimalist and clean desktop is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Tim Bohen

StocksToTrade Expert

Traders Love

StocksToTrade – Here’s Why:

Todays Traders Need To Make Quick Educated Decisions To Make Money Trading The Markets. StocksToTrade Was Specifically Built With That In Mind.

Let StocksToTrade Do The Heavy Lifting For You.

View The Most Profitable Opportunities

Real-time As They Happen

StocksToTrade Was Built To Be As Simple Or Advanced As You Need It To You. Traders From Any Skill Level Will Find The Software A Must-have In Their Trade Arsenal.



  • Super Fast Real-Time Level 1 and Level 2 for all US equities
  • All major US Markets: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, OTCBB and PINKSHEETS
  • Time-tested winning strategy scans
  • Dynamic charts with news indicators
  • Chart Drawing tools, indicators and studies
  • Price event alerts on chart
  • Real-Time criteria based News Streamer
  • Watchlist filtered news
  • SEC Filings streamer
  • Stock context SEC Filings and News
  • Unlimited watch lists
  • Criteria based custom stock screener
  • Powerful pre-programmed scans based on Timothy Sykes winning strategies
  • Quick access to Top % gainers and losers
  • Quick access to New Highs and Lows
  • Filterable previous-day data for research
  • User settable stock alerts
  • Linked information for efficiency
  • Much More!
  • Scroll through your existing watchlists fast
  • Quickly find related companies in the same industry
  • Stock Key Statistics available at your fingertips
  • Company profile with basic stock information
  • Oracle feature to quickly find stocks with momentum potential
  • Stock criteria filterable Twitter feed to know which stocks are hot
  • Paper Trading for practicing without risking capital



  • The Ultimate Trading Platform created by Traders, for Traders
  • Find the most profitable plays quickly
  • Know which stocks are hot in Real Time
  • Stop wasting time researching, all the tools at the click of a button
  • Split-second results for Stocks based on YOUR criteria
  • Get the latest news first for the stocks that matter to YOU
  • Automate the hard work of research and focus exclusively on trading
  • See Important events on the chart and react quickly
  • Trade like Tim Sykes with his Time-Proven Winning Stock Research Strategies
  • Get Ahead of the game with accurate actionable information when you need it
  • Keep track of all the stocks relevant to YOUR Trading style
  • An unfair advantage that Tim Sykes wished he had when he started
  • Find stocks that are active on Twitter and match YOUR specific criteria
  • Discover stocks that in the same industry that can potentially have momentum
  • Train your trading skills with real-time data without risking a dime of your capital
  • Quickly place paper trading orders with a versatile order tool at your disposal
  • Find the best potential plays thanks to our proprietary predictive algorithms
  • Access all your watchlists fast from a single place
  • Frequent software updates to add New features based on YOUR every need
  • Created by one of the most successful Penny Stocking Traders
  • Designed with Trading Efficiency in mind
  • A Trading platform made for YOU

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