Tim Bohen & Tim Sykes

Save Your Seat for the Special State of the Market Webinar

  Date: Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

  Time: 8PM EST

  Duration: 1 Hour

About the Webinar…

If you struggle to find trading opportunities in the current market then this webinar is perfect for you. Lead trainer Tim Bohen and millionaire trading mentor Tim Sykes will share their top stock-picking strategies. (Even if you know how to find good stocks, this is a must-attend webinar. Tim and Tim will share nuggets of wisdom for traders of every level!)

In this highly volatile market, it's easy to chase the wrong stocks. Or worse, completely miss out on the best and biggest winners. Clear your calendar and be sure to take plenty of notes as you discover these fundamental strategies to trade with confidence.

In this special webinar you'll learn...

  1. Strategies any trader can use to find potential trades. (Hint: You'll discover Tim Sykes' number one strategy to find potential stocks. It's so simple anyone can do it in seconds using StocksToTrade's built-in scans.).
  2. How to Build a Killer Watchlist. The Trading Tims give you the inside scoop. Everything you need to know about news, trends, patterns, and more. (Knowing this can save you SO much time once you make it a habit. )
  3. The Secret of Pattern Recognition. If Tim Sykes had a superpower... it would be pattern recognition. Learn the ins and outs of how he does it AND find out how Tim Bohen does EXACTLY the same with different patterns.

About Tim Bohen
Lead Trainer, STT

After leaving college early in the 90’s to start a tech company, Tim became interested in trading around the market crash in 2007. After gaining more skills in short selling, he decided to venture into trading more actively and in 2013, he sold his 15 year old company to trade full-time and teach others how to do the same.

About Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader and teacher who became a self-made millionaire by the age of 22. He’s been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNN, Larry King, Steve Harvey, Forbes, Men’s Journal, and more. A co-founder of charity apparel brand Karmagawa, he's donated millions of dollars to worthy causes around the world.

What People Have Said About Previous Webinars

"Not sure if you read chat this early but wanted to let you know how constructive my last couple of days have been, thanks to your teaching. Last night’s webinar was just what I needed and your low float scanner has kept me profitable for three days in a row since I started using it."


"I joined the Pro program just a couple days back. I've been exploring STT and today I had opportunity to join you for your live webinar both PM and AH. LOVED IT! You obviously bring a lot of experience in trading to the table but more importantly I think you're very generous in teaching students what to look for and how to form trade plans."


"You are a SOLID teacher! Much appreciated. Will be watching and re-watching this particular webinar and another one you did on other setups over the next couple days to get some of these things ingrained in my brain. Will be practicing daily until it becomes second nature."

~STT Webinar Attendee